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Specific Classes

Assessment and Training Services

My goal is to encourage individuals to create harmony and positive change in themselves, their organizations, and their communities.  I guide and support my clients in the development of their emotional intelligence competencies and communication skills resulting in stronger, more effective interpersonal relationships, teams, and organizations. 

Round Earth Solutions offers communication training, emotional intelligence assessments and coaching, organizational change support, program development, and employee development solutions.  I work with people of all ages who are
interested in living a more intentional and authentic life.  Through compassionate communication I strive to help others open their minds to new ideas.

Emotional Intelligence Assessments: 

I currently offer the Six Seconds suite of emotional intelligence assessments (SEI, SEI-YV, SEI-360, the Brain Brief Profile)  These self-report assessments measure 8 competencies within the Six Seconds model of emotional intelligence.  Assessments are administered online and are accompanied by a one on one individual debrief and personalized plan of action to begin leveraging your strengths and developing the areas that you would like to give attention.  The SEI-360 allows you to gain insight into the perceptions that others have of your emotional intelligence skills and how you put the competencies into action.  The assessment process is a wonderful launching pad into further development that will lead to strengthening your communication skills, improve your personal and professional relationships, and help you gain a greater understanding of yourself and your patterns.  This is a first step toward intentional and authentic behavior and living.

Individual Coaching: 

The most effective method to develop your specific emotional intelligence competencies and communication skills is through individual coaching. We will establish a schedule that is comfortable and effective for your goals and your budget.  The purpose of our sessions together will be to guide you through your journey of personal development.  Sessions are facilitated with care and developed to provide an environment and experience that leads to steady, yet purposeful growth.

Group Workshops: 

We will work together to develop customized workshops that meet the needs of your teams and organizations.  Whether you are looking for an overview of the Six Seconds model of emotional intelligence, or workshops that help develop specific competencies or communication skills, we can meet your development and budgeting needs.

Social and Emotional Learning in the Educational Setting:

We provide group and classroom facilitation, after school social and emotional learning groups, classroom instruction, teacher assessment and training. 

Weekly Drop-In Groups:

The best way to develop your skills is to practice on a regular basis.  We are currently offering several weekly drop in groups that will help you to a greater understanding and application of the skills that drive your individual competencies.  Please see calendar for upcoming dates and pricing.   Group topics include (but are not limited to): Empathy Practice Group, Develop Your Emotional Literacy, Becoming More Intentional: How to apply consequential thinking to all of your choices. Girls Group: Understanding our feelings to understand and support each other. Check out our calendar:

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Cristy Filloon, M.S.

Certified EQ Practitioner

Communication Consulting for Professional and Personal Development