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Round Earth Solutions, L.L.C. is an organization established to assist individuals and organizations in exploring new ideas to improve interpersonal communication skills, emotional intelligence, personal relationships, and organizational culture. Through compassionate listening and communication, clients will have the opportunity to identify which communication strategies and techniques are working in their daily lives and organizations, which practices are currently not meeting their needs, and which practices can benefit from new ideas, strategies and perspectives.

It is the mission of Round Earth Solutions, L.L.C., to provide compassionate and open-minded guidance for individuals who are striving to make positive changes within their personal lives, organizations and communities; ultimately improving personal and professional well-being, satisfaction and relationships. Round Earth Solutions will guide the client to recognizing the strengths in his/her communication skills and leadership abilities and assist the client in the creation of programs and solutions that nurture the individual, the relationships, and the organization resulting in steady personal and professional growth.

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Cristy Filloon, M.S.

Cristy Filloon received her B.S. in Communications with a concentration in interpersonal communications from Ohio University, and her M.S. in Management from New England College. She is a communication consultant, a change agent, and a Six Seconds certified emotional intelligence practitioner. Cristy has spent several years working with for profit and nonprofit organizations in healthcare and education.  She has collaborated with managers, business owners, therapists, educators, social workers, and psychologists to develop communication and employee development programs for adults, and social and emotional learning programs for children ages birth to 18. 

Cristy  provides emotional intelligence and communication training for educators, parents, and school administrators, as well as small group and classroom social and emotional learning training for children ages K-12.  She also facilitates programs that teach middle school and high school students to recognize the differences between healthy and unhealthy relationships, and has participated in the development of workshops on relational aggression.  Cristy’s areas of emphasis include mindfulness, empathy, intentional decision making, and needs based compassionate communication.  Whether working with children or adults, in business or education, Cristy’s goal is to strengthen clarity and harmony within relationships and organizations, and to encourage individuals to keep an open mind to new ideas.


A few organizations I have worked with:

Arizona State University
Kyrene Community Education
Desert Valley Pediatric Therapy
Casa Center for Positive Social Change
Washington Elementary School District
Higley School District
Federally Employed Women
Boys and Girls Clubs
Gateway Community College
Ahwatukee Chamber of Commerce
Women in Business
Phoenix Elementary School District
Cave Creek School District

Tempe Community Council
Christ Church of Grosse Pointe
Le Cordon Bleu
C12 Collective

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Cristy Filloon, M.S.

Certified EQ Practitioner

Communication Consulting for Professional and Personal Development